Trash Never Looked So Sexy and Powerful

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Happiness has been my status quo. My life lately has been a series of fortunate events that has left my face wearing a constant smile, like a cool solid tattoo imprinted right below my nostrils. All these events are not necessarily real or palpable, they are mostly my own personal decisions of how I look at things from morning to evening and beyond, where my attention goes and what I do with everyday situations…the details, the trash and what not!!!

Just like in my art, designs and fashions.

The most recent TrashFashions show was a total success. The forecast was rain and more rain and it did pour down, but people showed up anyway, the models were so excited and full of anticipation, the red carpet set the tone, electronic modern tango was playing and wine was flowing into glasses.  All the elements fell into place.

My idea was to present two powerful and sexy themes. For me, neckties represent male power, so I took piles of them and created colorful, powerful outfits for women and in the process left many MEN WITHOUT TIES!!! 

We all know that rubber lasts forever. It has been one of my favorite materials to design with. So the second part of the show featured these futuristic, outrageous, architectural, wearable pieces… FROM TIRES TO ATTIRES… all black, shiny, strong and sexy. All these pieces were worn by models (non-models) from nineteen to fifty years of age, showing and performing what the piece they were wearing made them feel. With that kind of freedom on the runway, let’s say it was a total teachable moment.

Fun, dance, we all learn better while laughing and moving. Here again, fashion is my weapon of instruction. 

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3 thoughts on “Trash Never Looked So Sexy and Powerful

  1. Your sexy looks speak volumes about your inner energy and drive. The earth loving quality of the clothes appeal to those of us who are more timid at first. Rocking the inspiration Aidanna!


    1. Thank you dear Ann..!!! Love U!!!


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