Hello all beautiful women out there!!! In my part of the world it’s summer and it’s the real one, a very hot hot hot kind of summer!!!  Water, shade and AC are just crucial elements, no way around that!

I do care about the environment. I’m not a tree huger or a palm tree huger… but I make an effort to consume less of everything, asking myself the question several times a day: Do I really need this item? I live in a small space so I clean less and collect less, thus I have more free time in a real genuine way with everyone that crosses my path.

As many of you know, my art is created from recyclable goods.  I transform the discards  instead of recycling them in a massive way.  Since I don’t like shopping malls, I started this series of Ladies Clothing Swaps which have become a part of my non-profit Trashfashions inc!!!

The swaps present a fun way of recycling which benefits everyone. All the participants are inspired by the opportunity to clean their closets and make space in their lives – and find some new outfits while having a blast, meeting new ladies, making new friends.

We all get together to sip, swap and mingle.  No money involved, and all the piles of left- overs go to a local women’s shelter.  So it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN party!!!  A much better way to do business than going to the mall… that’s only my humble opinion…

So, I’m writing this post in great anticipation because It’s happening again!  There is another ladies clothing swap coming in the heat of the summer!!!  Get ready to Swap & Sweat!!!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!!! Take a peek at what Trashfashions.inc was about not long ago!!!



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