Where Does Your Style Come From?

Every one has style.. my style comes from the great influence of my mother. She was always daring, and still is, to wear whatever she wanted without a care of who was watching.

Once, at my cousin’s wedding, in a Catholic Cathedral, my mother was stopped at the entrance and was not allowed to sit among the family during the ceremony. The nuns told her that she was not dressed appropriately and that her outfit was too revealing. Her answer was – Not a problem, I am going to stand right here, under Jesus Christ that is looking down at me from the cross and he is all naked !!! NEVER BELIEVE IN DRESS CODE..

So besides the fact the I construct outfits from recycled goods and unwanted objects, my personal style comes from what I witnessed from my mother and from my moods. I happen to be genuinely happy, and It reflects even when I dress all in black!!!

My happy mood is a hand on happy, meaning I believe that our moods and our faith are efforts of our will. In our own hands. So I guess I’m willing to interpret my reality in a happy kind of a way. The Sun comes out everyday, and let’s go with the flow… wear your favorite costume and play your part!!! My main philosophy is to respect nature so my art comes from that fact:  NATURE DOES NOT WASTE ANYTHING…that’s how my wearable art TRASHFASHIONS  comes to copy nature, by creating, recycling, repeating the cycle… keep it moving…

The ladies clothing swaps are another way of recycling, re-connecting, letting it all loose in a fun relaxing way, laughing among girls!!!and everyone gets something cool that reflects her style!!!

So where does your style come from? 




1 thought on “Where Does Your Style Come From?

  1. Alethia Campbell-Spence May 23, 2018 — 11:57 pm

    Love this blog..I love the part about your mom at the wedding.
    We all have our own style..I know I have mine and I am not scared to wear risque.. Take risks..that’s the fun of fashion!

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