See It Like It Is…or Transform It!

All is in your head.. and why not in your pose?  Smile, yes, smile and you tell your brain that you are happy…!!!

So why not every once in a while step outside of your own head and become someone else? Don’t be shy!!!  Just for the fun of it, let me introduce you to my husband,  a serious writer and counselor and by the way…. The Model.  who allowed me to dress him up in some of my TrashFashions collections and even stroll on the catwalk – several times! As my friend Ann put it “great business plan, marry the model”

In a playful way and talking seriously here, we are free, spontaneous beings or at least free to create that space in our lives.

Every day we do the same things and expect different results, so let’s try to open up!!! Pose as a warrior and you start feeling like one…and acting like one.

Transformation starts with a new thought or with the right clothes.

Open everything up, breath in and out… none of this is new, but do you do it? Do you practice it? At the end of the day reality is what you make of it, and according to one doctor that I just consulted with… “Stress is over-rated”… what do you think?

If nothing else, just for today don’t be a slave to your own negative thinking!!!

” A year from now you will wish you had started today”

Karen Lamb

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