Living by design instead of by default

compostplus1My friend ZZ used to tell me and tell everyone around us that I had the power of turning a piece a sh**et into GOLD.  She gave me a gift for one of my birthdays, a magic wand, full of crystals, iron and her message imprinted!!!

After that birthday I moved several times to different houses, states and countries… but I always bring the magic wand.

Many times I created a mess with my magic..a real mess!!!

Everywhere I lived I started a compost pile.  It could be very messy and ugly but it is also powerful in designing your edible garden and food supply .

Here I am once again next to another beautiful compost cake that smells like fresh dirt, believe me!!!

Today, getting down and dirty, I started to prepare the ground, spreading this amazing, rich, full of worms and life cooked compost for another season of growing food!!!  Spring time is here!!!  So here it is..the beginning of transforming organic “trash” into orgasmic veggies!!!

And what else have I recycled? An old toilet into an avocado tree planter. It is all part of the magick  

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