Welcome Spring From Inside Out

Cutting some of my indulgences took me out of my comfort zone but gave me access to my internal library where some treasures were hidden.. for 3 days only I started a process of removing toxins, no coffee, no meat, no sugar, no alcohol… you might want to add no FUN.!!!! but that’s not true.  Having a simple diet created a lightness in itself, and with that I was able to give myself permission to re-start the practice of TM (which I learned as a teen), Yoga, walks in nature, journal writing, etc.

I also started clearing and cleaning all the corners of my house, letting go of things that don’t do anything for me any longer.  I started to create a magical and more genuine environment to continuously be my creative self in.

When GOD gives you Lemons, garlic, Dal and basmati rice it means it’s time for Kitchari diet.

I have been trying this diet almost every beginning of spring time and it has been a great aid to getting in touch with my physical, mental and emotional self from a powerful place.

Observing, being mindful, saying NO unless is a total YES… gaining inner peace… is priceless.

Now I’m getting ready to dig into other areas… my closet, so I’ll be prepared to organize yet another successful  Ladies Clothing Swap… for a good cause.   Stay tuned!!swap1


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