The Power of Words

The power of words

I just wanted to reach out to you all from my magic carpet and say that, in pandemic times, we either
have faith or not, our choice. While there is so much anxiety, fake news, real news, and everything in
between…I felt like sharing some interesting and fun facts just to open the door of curiosity in all of you.
I have, as many of us have been doing, lots of cleaning, some artwork, cooking, yoga, swimming and
reading books, keeping away from the media and using social media to communicate with loved ones.
While I was cleaning the closet, I found old photos and some other interesting things, for example, a
piece of an old newspaper that my mother had saved with the word “ABRACADABRA” written on it,
along with a brief story about the word. Many of us have heard it being used as part of a Magic Trick,
during magic acts in kid’s parties or in Disney movies when something fantastic and out of the ordinary
was about to happen.
Well, it seems that this word ABRACADABRA has had some deeper and powerful meanings, and not in
just one but in many cultures and main religions, going as far back as medieval times. Here are a few:
It was used in the second century in Rome and later in Zagreb, Croatia, among other places, as a
Talisman for protection, the word written in an inverted triangle taking one letter of the word in each
line. It was used around the neck to protect from natural disasters and the plague!
It was also mentioned in the book “A Journal of a Plague Year” by the English author Daniel Defoe, 1722.
In the Hebrew Bible, there is a belief that ABRACADABRA could have come from the Hebrew words
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Ab, Ben , Ruach Hakodesh respectively and the meaning “ I will create as I
From the Aramaic word “Avrakadavra” which means “I create like the words”.
For the Greek, it’s written Abraxas and in their numerological alphabet adds up to the number 365, the
days in a year.
Magic is a mystery like creativity is, and seems to work when one believes in it, in their particular way.
Even as a placebo effect. In pandemic times, why not resource to MAGIC?
I am resourcing to anything and everything that gives me a higher vibration and gets my hope juices
going. For me, this is a time to bring MAGIC back…and remember that in Medieval times, people
believed in everyday magic, when magic was an everyday fact, creating what one needed. And if
something did not make sense, the explanation was… it is a Magical act of the universe!
I am choosing to use the power of this word ABRACADABRA and wear it all over me, believing that IT
will shield me from everything that does not match my inner vibrations, and with that idea, I created my
ABRACADABRA T-shirt to sport during these times. IF YOU WANT ONE let me know, I’m taking orders,
any size. Got my magic wand ready and staying put, flying on my magical carpet while in meditation

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. Aidana, I loved reading this fascinating post. Do you have any Abracadaba t-shirts with a feminine neckline or in future? I will buy a small size if yes! Look forward to seeing you! Love, Jillee


    1. we can make it happen!!! miss you Jillee… see you soon


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