Little Black Dress for the Future

How is everyone doing? Hope you are all well, and healthy and creative in your own homes. I hope that everyone at this point developed some kind of hobby beyond cooking weird dishes….

One of my hobbies, and passions is my art, so I’m just reviewing what I have done so far and re-creating pieces, finishing some and getting more ideas together to develop… that keeps me excited and out of the news and the sadness and all that. My art brings me down to earth and keeps my vibrations high!!!

I took one of the dresses and started to re-create from it my own version of “The Little Black Dress” This one is sexier and futuristic!!!

This is not my first rubber dress, and I also love to work with other materials that are left overs, or discarded. I build my art and show it on bodies because its the simpler way of make an statement. Fashions is the art that we have closer to our bodies! Don’t you agree?


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